Geotribot: application manifest

This page describes what’s the Geotribot and what it does exactly.

What’s Geotribot and who’s behind?

Geotribot is the name of a set of automated applications and account on different platforms: GitHub, Mastodon, Slack and Twitter.

It’s related to the Geotribu website and powered by the team behind, particularly Julien Moura (Github, Mastodon, Twitter).

What it does

  • it sends the comments on internal Slack channel for moderation

  • it (re)posts some comments on social networks

  • it perform fixes on Markdown syntax during Pull Requests in Geotribu new content workflow

  • it creates the backup of website and CDN releases on GitHub

What it does not

  • it doesn’t read content on platforms

  • it never stores anything anywhere, it just processes the data

Source code

Obviously, the code behind Geotribot is full open source: