geotribu_cli.utils.file_downloader module#

class geotribu_cli.utils.file_downloader.BetterHTTPErrorProcessor#

Bases : BaseHandler

A custom processor for HTTP error to avoid raising exception when response code

is 40*. Especially for 401 (authentication issue).

Inspired by


BaseHandler – base class

http_error_401(request, response, code, msg, headers)#

Handle 401 responses.

  • request (Request) – request object

  • response (HTTPResponse) – response object

  • code (int) – HTTP response code

  • msg (str) – message

  • headers (HTTPMessage) – response headers

Type renvoyé:



response object

geotribu_cli.utils.file_downloader.download_remote_file_to_local(remote_url_to_download, local_file_path, expiration_rotating_hours=24, user_agent='GeotribuToolbelt/0.29.0', content_type=None, chunk_size=8192)#

Check if the local index file exists. If not, download the search index from remote URL. If it does exist, check if it has been modified.

  • remote_url_to_download (str) – remote URL of the file to download

  • local_file_path (Path) – local path to the file

  • expiration_rotating_hours (int, optional) – number in hours to consider the local file outdated. Defaults to 24.

  • user_agent (str, optional) – user agent to use to perform the request. Defaults to f »{__title_clean__}/{__version__} ».

  • content_type (str) – HTTP content-type.

  • chunk_size (int) – size of each chunk to read and write in bytes.


path to the local file (should be the same as local_file_path)

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